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20 Meal preperation clean eating recipes!  

Includes a shopping list, ingredients, and complete recipes! 

Microsoft word document is attached upon purchase!


My diet is paleo / carnivore based and consist of 95% fresh produce! These are the meals that make up the majority of my diet and what I’ve found my body best operates on for both energy, longevity and aesthetics! This cookbook is not only unbelievably delicious but also desirable and doesn’t feel like “dieting” or eating “healthy”. I’ve taken what most people eat for pleasure and made it as healthy and paleo as possible by using the cleanest ingredients to make each tasty and delicious meal.

Disclaimer: These are the meals that I eat myself and recommend with variations (veggies, toast, etc) that I myself do not eat but make the meals much more presentable and balanced. I myself stay away from anything that outside of paleo and carnivore-based dieting as much as possible! The book details the best way to make these meals as healthy as possible! Bread / veggies will not kill you but this is my personal preference and what I’ve personally found to work best for myself.

I can promise you this, if you take the time and energy to cook and eat what is in this cookbook (and nothing else) No fast food, no seed oils, candy, ultra-processed food etc. You will experience a major change in not only your body composition but also your energy level and training sessions.

I am a firm believer in if you take care of the body, the mind and spirit with follow optimizing your overall health! Try these recipes and these (ingredients) only and watch the dynamic of your life begin to change! Have fun and best of luck!

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